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30th birthday field - PredatorBerni

veröffentlicht um 20.10.2014, 03:04 von Bernhard Haba   [ aktualisiert: 20.10.2014, 10:11 ]

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New style of Ingress Siterep (as short as possible) - you may read it):

On 18.10.2014 we build a "small" field throught austira - maybe you have some questions and here are your answers:

Because 30th birthday of PredatorBerni

 In Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Italia (the border), Germany and Austria

Which portals?                       
The guardian of PredatorBerni on its 200th Birthday in the south, all other in the mountains, in the forrest, at a castle. > in hard reachable areas.

How many MUs?                   
~ 23 Mio MU, but no exact number in affect of intel-ban. (+NIA-OPS)

How many Layer?                 
8 Layer - but 23 fields in all.

Why not more layer:           
Because a problem at a not reachable portal with blocking links on it - it was not possible to climb up and build the other 16 layer. :(

Any problems?                       
Problem is the wrong word - the RES built a small field in upper austria, so many fieldagents stayed near to our corridor and some very active blue friends of PredatorBerni "Matspa" and "Cerberus1900" are doing their job very well - many hours and kilometers. (You did a good job, but at least we did it better).

How do you communicate? 
We did it with smokesignals and telepathy because we are enlightened :p

How many Kilometer the agents drove? 
We didn`t calculate it correct, but approximatly all agents drove ~ 5500km for this project. Only for Keyexchange nearly 2000km by three agents.

How many agents are involved? 
All agents: 111 - but not all in the field on this day. Many agents organized or precleaned - full list below...

How long was the planing? 
Since #ISAC - in this night PredatorBernis started planning...

How long does the action take? 
Operators were online ~ 15:00 to 06:30. But the real action starts ~ 23:00. first field was up ~04:00

How much ADA was used? 79 ADA - prepared for many more!
What is the next project? The next is already in the past - we built 500k Mu over "Steyr" on sunday - and in the future: field above matspa (+Martin P.A.) :p

Do you know all agents who were involved in the field and in front of the Intel-Map?
Yes - here is a list:
@PredatorBerni Main-OP, West
@PredatorMare jumping OP, West
@Firensis North-OP, upper/lower Austria
@Smoover South-OP, Vienna
@FlubberXis (aka Tissix)  North-OP, Vienna
@Victoare Hungary-OP, Slovakia
@naxmor West-OP, upper austria
@lucieh North-OP, Czech
@Lamona beats

Personal Siterep Helix77:
Just a few days before the operation the anker portal Tuxerjoch Hütte Jesus in the hills of Hintertux was turned blue by the Resistance. 
Local agent Lithitus contacted active agents in the area of Hintertux. 
A daunting task as many operatives are tourists in the area and they speak a lot of different languages. 
He came across the agent Helix77 who was skiing in on the nearby glaciar. 
Helix77 immediately rose to the call and set his skies aside for a day. 
The next morning Helix77 set out for over an hours hike into the steep mountains of Hintertux. 
Starting at the portal of Sommerberg Psalm 66.5 at 2100m on the first mountain he took a long tour via the mountain top of Frauenwand at 2541m. 
After shooting his selfie and taking a panorama picture of the entire area he set off to the café TuxerJochhaus at 2340m. 
At this café the portal Tuxerjoch Hütte Jesus is located.

Turning this portal for the enlightened was a great victory for all and secured the operations anker point in the mountains.

Personal Siterep Alaceq: