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Operation “Last but not Least” 29.12.2013

veröffentlicht um 31.12.2013, 09:04 von Günter Georg B.   [ aktualisiert: 31.12.2013, 09:16 ]

Early December 2013 the “Vienna Field Crew” decided to attempt constructing yet another huge field covering Austria. 
We found a suitable old plan and set our mind to execute it before the end of this year.

We (mostly Kpk77, smover and chevyg26) reached out to find more helpers and coordinated the date and time.

Days before linktime (planned for 29th december 2013 17:00 CET) agents started to clean the corridors in a strategic manner, 
local players were contacted to ensure maximum cooperation.

In total we created 5 fields worth 14.501.218 MU (14.488.609 MU for our main fields and +12.609 for side fields) 
and thereby set a perfect example of a well coordinated and executed field operation.

Dec. 29th, 17.00: Corrdior almost clear. Operator smover instructs all teams to strike as close to link time as possible beforehand. 
Sadly, seconds before linking a green player establishes 3 blocking links in Lower Austria and super strike team “Predators” has to be called to action…

they drivebyADA all 3 links in record time! 

Finally, agents Zweiblum and BrunzBuB are able to create the first “Vield” ready for closing by kpk77.
Dec. 29th, 17.16: Kpk77 closes the “Vield” and creates the first field worth +2.890.804 MU.

Dec. 29th, 17.19: M4RT1N creates the second layer worth +2.892.223 MU (+698 and +622 MU side fields).

Dec. 29th, 17.26: Zweiblum creates the third layer worth +2.897.821 MU (+137 and +5.462 MU side fields).

Dec. 29th, 17.38: BrunzBub creates the fourth layer worth +2.900.915 MU.

Dec. 29th, 17.49: MILAN creates the fifth layer worth +2.906.846 MU (+4.100 and +1.590 MU side fields).

Involved Agents:

  • Operators:
  • "chief operator”: smover
  • "operator verstanden’ Graz”: russco
  • "operator theNavigator’ Graz”: Mces
  • "operator slovakia”: M4RT1N

  • Teams: 
  • “chief link team”: Zweiblum and BrunzBub
  • “team golf link masters”: Kpk77 and Kryll (establishing base link from Litschau to St. Vinzent)
  • “lonely warrior most4tel”: ElBar (clearing Austrian northwestern corridor)
  • “master burster team”: adrianshepard and EvilMissy
  • “strategic strike team”: aje and halllowien (clearing Austrian northern central corridor)
  • “the B52 bomber”: MrIce and ZoeyJones (clearing Austrian northeastern corridor, total of almost 30 hours(!) in the field)
  • “helping hand”: CBL (clearing Austrian part of the northern corridor) 
  • "tactical Support": chevyg26
  • “drone strike team”: PredatorMare and PredadorBerni (single handedly clearing the western link corridor in Lower/Upper Austria in a last minute operation)
  • “standby Upper Austria”: hanfman1950, mustacheCat and PatLow (standby team upper austria)
  • “cooridination/recruting/support styria”: unclasp and Stephan
  • “strike team PampaMobil”: Krustenviech and cocoflux (clearing corridor in southeast Styria).
  • “strike team Giftspritze”: angryhugo and shitbrains (clearing corridor around Leoben, ADA transport)
  • “strike force JunkFood”: Oztesys, KyoTenebrae, Bearpig, Morguan, Kipferl and Chatbine
  • “strike team NervesOfSteel”: unclasp (clearing corridor around Deutschlandsberg)
  • “strike team HoamatUrlaub”: sosat and infime (clearing corridor around Hartberg/Oberwart)
  • “strike team LocalHeroes”: 7of5 and NKIFNM22 (clearing and guarding Gleisdorf)
  • “strike team DieÜlzer”: Theo, quattro and McGonagall (clearing corridor around Ilz)
  • “special ADA agent”: Esterhazy (clearing and guarding Leoben)


  • “strike and link team Slovakia one”: M4RT1N and MILAN (clearing the corridor around Nitra)
  • “strike team Slovakia two”: drjecky and maddeath (clearing the corridor around Trnava)
  • “strike team Slovakia three”: Porrok, caruzooo, lvillBill and VI2CWK6A (clearing the corridor arround Hlohovec)
  • “tactical support Slovakia”: RossiX
  • “Hungary XMP master”: havasmezoi (clearing corridor around Mosonmagyarovar)
  • “Hungary burster”: Gabiherceg and Gabor000 (clearing lastminute blocking links in Szombathely)
  • “standby ‘Garbage’ Hungary”: handmade (clearing corridor around Oberwart and Köszeg) Great job team!

Thank you all for the good teamwork!
We wish every agent out in the field a Happy New Year 2014 and of course many more green fields ;)

The field was destroyed on Dec. 29th at 19:32 by a resistance team (Dachef0815, Bahamut9462, chrog83 and dreieckfreak) defying the dark, cold and heavy snow fall at our southernmost corner alike.

Report by aje, smover, shitbrains and unclasp