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Operation GirlsEight 27.07.2013 @Bratislava WorldRecord!!!

veröffentlicht um 28.07.2013, 15:35 von Günter Georg B.   [ aktualisiert: 04.08.2013, 07:30 ]

Operation GirlsEight
After extensive research by our local agents we would like to share our findings concerning the effects of xm on enlightened agents in Europe. At least as far as female enlightened agents are concerned, the results are more than promising... An increase in stamina, agility and focus were documented. Set to break the world record as far as-female-only level 8 portals were concerned, an international team gathered in Bratislava to complete mission GirlsEight...

After months of planning and weeks of preparations we are proud to share our success story with you. The idea was originally based on a faction-internal mission called Mata Hari (thanks to agent snuffi who tries to keep lvl 8 agents happy and active). The idea behind it was to create a level 8-girls-only-portal. Agent Linkprinzessin wanted to take the whole idea a step further... a big step, no, a froggy-leap further.. why not make it an international ladies event? So agent Linkprinzessin started recruiting as many female level 8 agents in Austria as she could. As Enlightened Austria Agents have close ties with fellow agents in Slovakia - often aiding each other in their quests - the beautiful city of Bratislava was chosen as the event location. While coordinating details for the event, happy tidings reached the girl's-8-headquarters - wonderful ladies around the globe started getting together and building female-only level 8 portals. A big hello and well done to you lovely ladies in Down Under, Canada and Asia! Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work!

Once the location and date were set (not easy when trying to coordinate some 50 agents) the most important question arose: what to wear?... as true nerdettes we wanted to make sure everybody knew which is the best faction... EVER! So again agent Linkprinzessin took over the tedious task of organizing our cool outfits. Thanks to fashion advice from our male agents and many great logo and style inputs by the ladies we put together a neat design for operation GirlsEight. Not even 38°C could keep us from holding the event in style!

Just a few days prior to our big event, Anne Beuttenmüller came to an interfaction meet-up in Graz. A big thank you to our predators (PredatorBernie and PredatorMare) and unclasp and angelina for taking care of our guest of honor Cross Faction MeetUp Graz, Austria and cheers to Anne Beuttenmüller for the kind gifts., they were well received! ;-)

After arriving in Bratislava and meeting up with the Slovakian ladies, teams were set up and Operation GirlsEight began.... in the course of the day no less than 64 level 8 portals ALL by female agents were set up throughout the lovely city of Bratislava. As we are kind souls, we allowed our male agents to tag along and, after offerings of ice-cream, cocktails and the promise of a shopping spree, they were allowed to farm until burn-out ;-)


Portal build up team:
moustacheCat, creepz, shibasina, porbsi, SUEV, PredatorMare, Ramgad, Erato174, Hausmastarin, selinanu, EFakira, Chandira, gdragon, Miritko, BoeseBiene and Linkprinzessin, 

Photo and Video credits:
BoeseBiene, smover, Morgoth, chevyg26,Linkprinzessin, creepz, haseat, TrangOul, amflrz, m8nnyfgk, PredatorMare, PredatorBerni

Artwork credits:
Handmade frogs and design of the clothes by agent Linkprinzessin

Thanks to our drivers:
Aje, amflrz, KluniSchorsch,…

Big thank you to:
agent chevyg26 for sorting out the technical details (cars, tethering, meetingpoints, etc). 

our agent friends at Enlightened Slovakia for the preperation of the operation field…without them we could not realize this event… Enlightened Bratislava

agents smover, finetwo, unclasp and Alpengeist for making the screenshots to verify correct placement of all resonators.

to all our knights in shining armor who tagged along and bravely defended our portals:
peorg, KluniSchorsch, TrangOul, ctrlbreak, PredatorBernie, RedRicKnighT, m8nnyfgk, Hausmasta, Zweiblum, bluedanube, haseat, aje, ELBar, amflrz, smover, chevyg26, morgoth, tomasko

our Textwriter, psychological and medical advisor:
agent creepz

Operation GirlsEight is not only being shared by means of modern social media but has also been published in numerous online media sites... :


Podcast (German): Radio Orange Mitschnitt

to all the agents out there…
thank u for this unique event…