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Operation Green Austria

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Operation Green Austria, or how to co-ordinate Teams in 7 different countries

On the afternoon of Saturday, 10th of August, enlightened mind units skyrocketed to almost double those of Resistance MUs partly due to the largest field ever constructed across central Europe. 

The cleverly designed 7 layer field spanned about 108 mio MU. Planning of Operation GreenAustria, masterminded by +Patrik Mallaun, aka kahalm aka Master Of Desaster, began on July 2nd and was no simple feat: No less than 10 different countries were part of the layer of fields (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland). More than 200 agents had to be coordinated, each playing his/her part in the clockwork of an operation proving once again that +Ingress knows no borders! Well co-ordinated teams in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Czechoslovakia and Austria spent many hours on the road, driving hundreds of miles and visiting their neighbouring countries.
Some of the organisational problems included getting mobile internet for all the countries as well as tearing down the language barrier when trying to replenish both the phone's and the owners' batteries in another country. The density of portals - especially in and around the major cities made designing and clearing the corridors for such an enormous field extremely difficult and required meticulous planning.
Thanks to the flawless teamwork of all nations involved all obstacles were overcome. Everyone participating in OperationGreenAustria did an excellent job carrying out their respective tasks and combating all the minor and major incidents which are bound to happen unexpectedly during an operation of this scale. Keeping a project this size secret and maintaining low profile wasn't easy... Both headquarters and the respective field units had to stomp out rumours spreading like a wildfire and prove their flexibility when last minute changes of plan were necessary.

Operation Green Austria

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved, this was definitely the most spectacular event of #summerofingress!

A massive thank you to THE Mastermind behind the Event +Patrik Mallaun
Thank you to all the field agents involved. They are too numerous to be listed here but the major teams included the following:

Team Predators (+Bernhard Haba, +Marieluise Haba, 16h on the road, 800km in two countries)
Team Vienna/Hungary (+Patrick N),
Team Salzburg: (+Robert Aigner aka agent haseat and agents Acron, Askana, derbenni, Dogpoo, EFakira, Erato174, Hausmasta, Hausmastarin, m8nnyfgk, PaziF1)
Team Innsbruck:(+Matthias König) 
Team Switzerland (+zoki san)
Team Munich (+Boris Pirstinger)
Team Czech Republic/Slovakia (180km, +Leoš Přikryl +Roman Keckes)
Team Croatia (+Luka Maljić)

A huge thank you to the operators. Without their eyes on the maps the field agents could not have succeeded:
+Alexander Bohr 
+Patrick N 
+Luca Tonini 

Thank you also to the many, many agents who worked hard to secure the success of this operation. Even if we can not list all their names this mission would not have been possible without them

Thank you, Danke, mille grazie, hvala, kösz, d'akujem, merci, děkuji!!!