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Operation "SickPuppy" 01.Dezember 2013

veröffentlicht um 01.12.2013, 14:13 von Günter Georg B.   [ aktualisiert: 01.12.2013, 14:20 ]

During the night from Saturday to Sunday (30.11.2013 - 1.12.2013) the "Vienna Field Crew" decided to create another big field covering Vienna.

We started brainstorming new field ideas at Saturday 30st November 2013 at 20:00 (just a few hours after operation "knackwurst 2.0"http://www.enlightened.at/hall-of-fame/operationknackwurst202930november2013).

It took us a while to find good portals for our next field (and the keys for it), but we managed to come up with a good idea for a field at 23:30. We finalized our plan until 01:00 on Sunday and started into the field.

We had no dedicated operator for this operation, agent kpk77 and aje operated from the field using tablets and laptops.

"cleanup team west" (aje, ElBar)
- Started their corridor cleanup in Neulengbach at 02:00
- Cleared their corridor at 05:20

"capture/cleanup hungary" (Zweiblum)
- Got fined for forgetting his drivers license at home at 03:00 in slovakia 😉

- Captured the east portal at 3:30 in hungary
- Cleared the north corridor in austria at 04:00

"link team winterwonderland" (kpk77, chevyg26)
- Met at 02:00 in Vienna
- Cleared the south at 03:00
- Arrived where the portal was submitted at 04:00
- Realized that the portal was placed somewhere else by niatic at 04:30
- With help of mobile operator aje they found the portal at 05:27 (in the middle of the woods in 60 centimeters of snow!)
- Created the south link to hungary

"cleanup north/link-team" (halllowien, BrunzBub):
- Met at 01:00 in Vienna 
- Cleared the north corridor at 03:00
- Arrived at the link-portal at 04:00
- Created the north link to hungary and the west link to "winterwonderland"
- halllowien created control field: + 669.735 MU

The field was destroyed by a Resistance player at 09:50.